Coaching Services

Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

Executive leadership coaching establishes close partnerships between executives and experienced coaches that foster professional and personal development and success in the workplace. Coaches help executives build leadership skills, create career plans, enumerate personal beliefs, identify short-and long-term career goals, strengthen decision-making skills, develop strategies to improve performance, and build self-confidence. Working with an executive coach expedites progress and helps leaders deliver organization-wide value more quickly. Executive coaching fosters self-efficacy. Coaches teach leaders to trust in their capacity to achieve specific outcomes through decision-making and operational change.

Studies find that coaching-based leadership interventions improve the performance of executives while increasing job performance among employees. At SK Consultancy, our coaches build trust with their executives through open communication, neutral listening, and strategic guidance to understand their needs. We advocate coaching approach as the fundamental element of authentic, improvement focused, human centered leadership.

Some of the top reasons that corporate leaders and executives seek an Executive Coach are:

  • To learn more about their own competencies, objectives, and values — becoming better leaders in the process.
  • For personal support, encouragement, and confirmation that they are making the best possible decisions for their teams
  • To better understand the pillars of effective leadership, regular check-in with their employees and providing them the protected space to think and express their views
  • To improve emotional intelligence, better ego control, and an enhanced perspective identifying priorities, driving strategy, maximizing critical thinking and defining a powerful vision for the business
  • Leaders to have thoughtful conversations with their employees through questioning that invokes fruitful discussions and learnings
  • To gain valuable feedback, advice and opinions to seek continual improvements
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