About Team

About Team

Apeksha Vernekar

Apeksha Vernekar

Customer Relationship Officer

Apeksha Vernekar hails from Goa, and she holds a Masters degree in International Business from Bangalore University. With a diverse background across SCM, operations, customer service, and audits, Apeksha has worked in various domains such as healthcare, insurance, IT, and banking. She has garnered awards for her achievements in sports and arts during her college years and has received rising star and excellence awards in her professional realm too. In her customer relationship officer role in SKC, she is in charge of building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, ensuring their satisfaction, addressing their needs and concerns, and maximizing customer retention.



Lead Technical Specialist

Suraj Velip is an accomplished Lead Technical Specialist with rich and diverse background in the Information Technology industry. With over 6+ years of experience, he has gained expertise in managing complex IT systems, ensuring their optimal performance, developing and implementing technical solutions to meet business needs.

In his previous roles, he has successfully led technical teams and projects, providing guidance and mentorship to ensure timely and successful completion of projects.

Suraj’s ability to analyse complex problems, develop innovative solutions, and his can-do attitude & commitment to excellence has fetched him the current Lead Tech Specialist role, where he is in charge of our function ‘Service Operations/Technical support and administration’. In this role, he is functioning in a senior capacity, directly liaising with all functions across the organisation, where IT can be a huge enabler to transform our products and services to our target customers.


Sunil Madiwalkar

Media Head

Sunil hails from Goa, and has completed his academics in electronics from ITI University, Goa.

He is a professional photographer & videographer with 10 years of experience and runs his firm Sunny Walker Photography.

Sunil is associated with SKC since 2016 and heads our Media function under Advertising and Marketing function. He is creative, dedicated and committed with his work where he showcases our events to the highest quality standards.

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