About Transformational Coaching

About Transformational Coaching

Let’s define Coaching:

A simple definition of Coaching is that it is a process to get more out of yourself than you can get on your own.

The International Coaching Federation (ICF – The gold standard for coaching) defines Coaching as ‘Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential’.

Let’s define Change:

A change is a smooth transition of a human being into a new way of behaving. It is a process.

It’s usually more straightforward for each of us to desire to change a specific behaviour, a habit, set goals, track and monitor progress and for 5% who do so, manage to sustain the change. From an organizational stand point, there is an increased awareness in Leaders to strategically plan change initiatives especially when project benefits hinge on people doing things differently. This applies more to a change in process, policies, job roles, structures and tools to make things faster, better, cheaper, i.e., more effective and more efficient. Same applies to individual change where you strive for a slightly better version of your past.

Let’s now define Transformation:

Transformation is an idea, where the deepest, most profound level of change takes place, whereby the ‘identity’ of the client shifts at the core level. Transformation is purely an inside job based on the belief, mindset, skills, knowledge and most importantly actions with a certain momentum which generates a new YOU, a new future and a new identity.

The greatest analogy for this is when a caterpillar turns into a butterfly there is no scope for this butterfly to revert back to its original state of being as a caterpillar.

Transformation is about bringing the internal mental model of a client into his/her awareness, exploring how he/she sees the world, their expectations, identifying their self-sabotaging blocks, their unconscious beliefs and values that govern their life choices on planet ; in order to create possibilities for a new way of ‘being’ thus leading into a more meaningful life.

What is Transformational Coaching?

If we have the time, the space, and permission to work at a level to question the underlying assumptions, patterns, behaviours, beliefs and change what no longer serves us/our clients, then everything else starts to shift having a ripple effect permeating into every dimension of their lives.

Love, Acceptance and Forgiveness forms 3 major values in freeing someone to take charge of their life. We teach our students the art of Reflective Thinking for both the coach and the client, which forms the central theme of Transformational Coaching.

The fundamental difference is that rather than explore what they are ‘doing’ to get the life they want, we focus on how the client is ‘being’, so they can attract what they truly deserve.

We get you to learn our 6 step framework to Transformation which will shift the way you think, you see yourself, and how you show up and perform in the world.

  1. Reflective Thinking: This phase is directed at uncovering personal blind-spots and to help one understand their thinking better. This is an exploratory and internally focused way of thinking or a tool that causes us to ‘think about thinking’.It is an active, persistent, and careful consideration of a belief or a value, an examination about the grounds that support such beliefs and values and to explore where newfound beliefs and values would potentially lead. As the coaching goes deep, we teach you on how the coach should generate a bit of discomfort to create a breakthrough in client’s thinking, which ultimately leads to their deep rooted transformation.
  1. Reflective Writing: In this phase, we will encourage you to absorb information and process it through reflective writing instead of passive listening. By consciously interacting with your subconscious mind, you are internalizing your learnings and can begin to apply them in your thoughts and actions, while setting meaningful goals. Putting pen to paper is a full proof method which can increase your resilience to stress, build stronger immunity, and improve your emotional wellbeing.
  1. Psychologically Safe Environment: When learnings are being shared in a social setting, which is non judgemental , safe, inclusive and encouraging environment, chances of completing a transformational journey and (benefiting from it) are dramatically increased. You learn the art of building trust, creating rapport and creating powerful presence where you will connect to people at a deep level, conducive to their learnings.
  1. Emotional Cleanse: This is the phase where you will begin to release those components of your life that no longer serve you. This could be the culmination of all stories that created your reality, including all relationships at work and personal, your circumstances, events that happened in your life. You will also learn to let go off unhealthy habits, thinking patterns and beliefs that create space for a reinvention.
  1. Mind, Body, Heart & Spirit Alignment: In this phase, we will provide you key techniques which will help you reset and nurture your mind, body, heart and spirit by providing you time to process all life changes to ease your integration into the next level of transformation. You will rise above the obstacles that has held you in the past, you will learn to create ‘flow’ state, where you will be more tuned to your inner voice for guidance, and enjoy a newfound wisdom. You will have a desire to make the difference in the world by tapping into your hidden potential, and live with a higher state of awareness and enlightenment.
  1. Altered Consciousness: Altered states of mind are about changing the neural network and pathways, reshaping your inner systems and processes. Breakthroughs happen, where your thoughts, circumstances, and challenges are all looked from an altered level of consciousness where you will gain the clarity and insight that’s transformational in nature. In this phase, you will learn to embrace life as an ongoing process of transformation and retain curiosity about sustainability in an ever changing world.

Why become a trained Transformational Coach with SK Consultancy:

Here in SK Consultancy, We pride ourselves in teaching our students as to allow your head, heart and gut to have a voice and tune into client’s head, heart & gut while you actively listen.

Our curriculum allows you to master a set of skills, attitudes and international competencies necessary in order to become truly professional in all kinds of coaching – life coaching, executive coaching, business coaching, career coaching and transformational coaching through the lens of a true transformational mindset in creating the life you desire & deserve.


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